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Alien life has been detected in the far corner of the galaxy.

Sent by Earth, the space mission 'Deep Thrust' has been sent to a far distant planet to spread mankind's socialist paradise. Due to unpaid taxes and their unwillingness to be ruled by Earth, your task is to brutally murder the peaceful alien lifeforms, destroy their homes and gather rocket parts to further explore the cosmos.


  • Cursors - Movement
  • Tab, 1 - Fire Laser
  • Q, Space, 2 - Drop Bomb
  • W, 3 - Tractor Beam

Normal and random gamemodes, adjustable difficulty, and a retro 80s synth soundtrack.


DeepThrust_016.apk 75 MB
DeepThrust_016_Linux64.zip 50 MB
DeepThrust_016_Win32.zip 49 MB

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